Heredis 2024 for Mac

Choose Heredis for your genealogy! This version includes more than 200 features:

  • Access to input census grids to enter everything while reading the Census
  • Create ancestors, descendants wheels up to 12 generations and now mixed wheel (new feature 2024)
  • Create a family chronology (new feature 2024)
  • Rename your media in Heredis (new feature 2024)
  • Import a GEDCOM 5.5.1 or GEDCOM 7
  • Direct access to the Online Archives
  • Avoid wasting time and know immediately what you need to search using 2 tools: Research Journal and Search Tracking
  • Print and view dozens of family tree templates
  • Create personalized genealogical documents (Books, Sheets)
  • All the 2024 new features
  • and much more, the whole list on

The software is compatible with Big Sur (11), Monterey (12), Ventura (13) and Sonoma (14).
The prices are in $US. They may vary according to your country’s taxes.

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Instead of $69.99

Price may vary according to your country’s taxes.

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 Conditions of Use / System requirements

  • Unlimited data entry, unlimited use for an unlimited time
  • Use of the software cannot be guaranteed for operating systems released after the date of purchase • Immediate download upon payment confirmation
  • Valid for one user with unlimited installations on 3 Mac computers maximum
  • Big Sur (11), Monterey (12), Ventura (13) and Sonoma (14)
  • 500 MB disk space required
  • 64 bits only
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Screen 1366×768 minimum (11")
  • Internet connection
  • English and German version

 Heredis works better with

  • 8 GB of RAM
  • SSD Hard disk
  • Word Processing & Spreadsheet: Microsoft Office 365 or LibreOffice current version

 Over 200 features to help you create your genealogy with ease

  • Intuitive data entry, GEDCOM imports and exports
  • Searches in online archives and major genealogy databases
  • Dozens of printable tree chart options
  • Multimedia slideshows & automatically written and illustrated books
  • Events and migrations mapping in OpenStreetMap©
  • Dashboard and detailed statistics
  • A toolkit for the most seasoned genealogists
  • A FREE personal website so you can share your genealogy
  • A technical assistance by email during 2 years after purchasing
  • A knowledge base & HowTo videos
  • And much, much more...

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